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Proven, highly-reliable and safe

FullRange optic lenses are proven, highly-reliable and safe intraocular implants designed to provide a solution for presbyopia while reducing known complications associated with refractive lenses.

Patient satisfaction plus doctor's gratification lead to outstanding outcomes

Ruth Lapid-Gortzak MD PhD

I have used FullRange optics for over 500 patients. According to my analysis, in 71.3% of their eyes, uncorrected distance and near vision of 20/20 (1.0 decimal) or better was achieved; in 21.1% of their eyes, uncorrected vision is now better than 20/15 (1.25 decimal); and less than 1% of my patients need glasses for their computer work. I attribute this to excellent optics, materials, design, and a commitment to surgeons and patient outcomes.

Ruth Lapid-Gortzak MD PhD

Dr. German Bianchi MD PhD

Patient satisfaction plus doctor’s gratification lead to outstanding outcomes – that’s why Hanita FullRange is my IOL of choice!

After 1000 successful FullRange implants, I feel confident with the Hanita lens platform. A post-op follow-up revealed that 95% of my patients are highly satisfied with the outcomes. This, together with the new FullRange optic design and the easy injection of the implant inside the eye, make my work a lot easier and the Hanita FullRange my IOL of choice. After performing clinical studies based on my cases and obtaining objective data about FullRange success worldwide, I’m absolutely satisfied with this lens.

Dr. German Bianchi MD PhD

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About Hanita Lenses


Established in 1981, Hanita Lenses is a worldwide trusted developer, manufacturer and marketer of ophthalmic medical devices.


With more than 30 years of experience, Hanita Lenses provides ophthalmic surgeons all over the world with advanced intraocular lens solutions for cataract surgeries, contact lenses and accessories. The company has become synonymous with high quality, reliability and service.


Hanita Lenses has an extensive distribution network throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

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