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FullRange Optics

FullRange optic lenses are proven, highly-reliable and safe intraocular implants designed to provide a solution for presbyopia while reducing known complications associated with refractive lenses.

Advanced Optical Design

FullRange optic lenses were designed by world-leading diffractive optics designers using the most advanced algorithms to utilize the Apodized Aspheric-Diffractive profile of the FullRange optic, which has been clinically proven to provide clear and functional vision for all distances.

Apodized Diffractive Surface

The state-of-the-art apodized diffractive surface provides visual functionality throughout the day – in photopic, mesoptic and scotopic conditions.

Full-Range Functional Vision

The FullRange optics lens offers a unique optic design that provides functional vision of above 0.2 LogMAR from 40 centimeters to infinity – allowing your patients to function in all ranges.

Accurate Polish-Free Production Process

FullRange optics are manufactured using a proprietary lathe process that results in maximum accuracy of the lens profile and the diffractive rings of the lens to be as sharp as possible and an identical replica of the optimal profile design generated by the Arizona eye model and leading to maximal contrast sensitivity.

Lowest Straylight

Straylight research conducted using the FullRange lens shows that its straylight is the lowest in the industry. This is due to the clarity of the lens, lack of glistening and the low refractive index of the lens material.

Grzegorz Labuz, MSc; Nicolaas J. Reus, MD, PhD; Thomas J.T.P. van den Berg, PhD; J Cataract and Refractive Surgery 2016 42:618-625 & ASCRS 2016 ESCRS 2016.

Tecnis ZM90013
Tecnis ZM90012
Mplus LS-31313
Mplus LS-31317
AT Lisa 809M17
AT Lisa 809M15

Sharpest Square Edge

FullRange lenses offer the sharpest square edge in the industry – 72% sharper than the sharpest edge previously known in the industry. It also has additional features that promote PCO reduction include a wide angle contact with the capsular bag and a 360-degree sharp square edge.


FullRange (MF)




FullRange (MF)



Reduced YAG Rate

As a result of their extremely sharp square edge, FullRange lenses were found to have a very low YAG capsulotomy rate of 2.2% after 5 years*.

*According to Prof. Tetz.
*Based on a study of 276 patients presented by Dr. Lapid.

Number of PCO Occurences

LensPublicationAfter 2 Years
FullRangeLapid R. ASCRS 20162%*
ReStor +3D IOLYoshino et al, Jpn.J Ophth14.3%
ReStor +3D IOLGauthier et al, JCRS 20108.8%
ReStor +3D IOLBiber et al, JCRS 201042.7%
AcrilisiaGauthier et al, JCRS 201037.2%

Contrast Sensitivity

Due to its aspheric optical design profile, clinical results of the FullRange lens show superior contrast sensitivity leading to contrast sensitivity comparable to a monofocal IOL as presented by J.L. Alio at al.

Alio J.L.; Clinical outcomes with a new microincisional diffractive multifocal IOL Eye and Vision (2015) 2:2 DOI 10.1186/s40662-015-0012-8

Contrast sensitivity function comparison between groups. It shows comparison of the postoperative contrast sensitivity function in both groups of patients under photopic and scotopic conditions.

Excellent refractive accuracy

The FullRange presented excellent refraction accuracy in both platforms, offering patients a low touch-up rate and freedom from spectacles.

When you want to reduce future side effects, follow-up treatments or touch-ups

Ruth Lapid-Gortzak MD PhD

I have used FullRange optics for over 500 patients. According to my analysis, in 71.3% of their eyes, uncorrected distance and near vision of 20/20 (1.0 decimal) or better was achieved; in 21.1% of their eyes, uncorrected vision is now better than 20/15 (1.25 decimal); and less than 1% of my patients need glasses for their computer work. I attribute this to excellent optics, materials, design, and a commitment to surgeons and patient outcomes.

Ruth Lapid-Gortzak MD PhD

Dr. German Bianchi MD PhD

Patient satisfaction plus doctor’s gratification lead to outstanding outcomes – that’s why Hanita FullRange is my IOL of choice!

After 1000 successful FullRange implants, I feel confident with the Hanita lens platform. A post-op follow-up revealed that 95% of my patients are highly satisfied with the outcomes. This, together with the new FullRange optic design and the easy injection of the implant inside the eye, make my work a lot easier and the Hanita FullRange my IOL of choice. After performing clinical studies based on my cases and obtaining objective data about FullRange success worldwide, I’m absolutely satisfied with this lens.

Dr. German Bianchi MD PhD

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Platform SeeLens MF - Ø 13mm
BunnyLens MF - Ø 11mm
Geometry Optic Diameter: 6.0 mm
Haptic angulation: 5°
Double square edge
Material Hydrophilic acrylic with UV-blocking
and violet iltering chromophore
Refractive index: 1.46 (35° C)
Nd-YAG Laser Compatible
Optical Design Diffractive
Incision Size 1.8 mm
Placement Capsular bag

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